Weed - Marijuana Lace The Fuck Up

Lace The Fuck Up

"Tie it up, stick that shit up in my skin and overdose on your love so I can't have it again"

-Machine Gun Kelly

'Lead You On'

Boutta fry my fuckin brain to make sure you stay out of my head.

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Do you ever just crave someone’s presence? like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them & it could be completely silent.


Tbh money would solve all of my problems right now like I could move out and pay for school and take care of my mental health and overall I would just be happy and in a better place so I get really annoyed when people are like “money can’t make you happy” uh you obviously never experienced financial instability and dependence so please shut the fuck up you pretentious shit.

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I just got my hands on an old addiction & I couldn’t be happier.
Keep it real, everybody.

Fez: I am telling you. I heard it. The devil is singing backwards on the record!

Hyde: It’s not the devil, man! It’s congress. They passed a secret law to put backward messages in our records, man!

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You don’t need to buy me expensive things or take me out to dinner every night or even every weekend. I don’t need the world or want the world. I want the little things. If you push my hair out of face or rub my back. Or if you randomly kiss my cheek. Or text me randomly saying you miss me. Or if you make a tweet about me or post a picture of us. Then that’s all I care about. I want the little things. I care way more about that, than anything else.


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Arrested Development - Pilot

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